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Millennium Medical Group Diagnostic Center
Patient Instructions/Preparations

Abdominal (liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, aorta, renal): Nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before the exam. No breakfast, water, cigarettes or gum on morning of the exam.

Female pelvis/OB/male pelvis/bladder: You must drink 40 ounces of fluid (water, juices, coffee, and tea).

  1. Start Drinking 1.5 hours before scan time.
  2. Complete Drinking 1 hour before scan time.
  3. DO NOT go the the bathroom.A full bladder is necessary for the exam. You will be able to use the bathroom after the test is completed.

Prostate exam: 1.5 hours prior to the exam, you MUST give yourself a fleet's enema. Please bring current PSA results.

CT Scan Iodine allergies, please start Predisone 13 hours prior to CT scan. See your doctor for instructions. Please bring with you previous x-rays and written reports of area being scanned. Take all medication EXCEPT FOR GLUCOPHAGE, GLUCOVANCE OR METFORMIN. Check when scheduling about picking up Barium and instruction on when to drink it.

MRI A representative from our facility will contact you to obtain additional medical information as well as insurance data and any special instructions. Patient may eat, drink, and take medications as usual. Eye make-up, hair pins, and jewelry should not be worn. Transdermal medication patches must be removed prior to scanning. Please bring with you previous x-rays and written reports of area being scanned.

CT Scan BONE SCAN: There is no preparation. You will be asked to return 3 hours after your injection to be scanned. If you have recent x-rays, please bring them in the day of the exam.

HIDA GALLBLADDER SCAN: Nothing to eat or drink after midnight prior to the exam. This test can take from 1.5 hours to 3 hours to complete.

THYROID UPTAKE AND SCAN: This is a 2-day test. Do not eat or drink anything 6 hours prior to the exam. If you are on thyroid medications check with your doctor concerning medication prior to your exam. Bring a copy of recent blood work from your doctor's office. The scan is done within 24 hours of the first scheduled time.

NUCLEAR STRESS: Do not eat or drink 2 hours before your appointment. Wear shorts or slacks and walking shoes with rubber soles. YOU WILL BE HERE 4-6 HOURS. IF YOU CANNOT MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT YOU MUST CALL US 2 DAYS PRIOR, OR YOU MAY BE CHARGED FOR THE NUCLEAR DOSE.

EMG: If you are on Coumadin you MUST have recent blood work results. Check with your physician if prophylactic antibiotics are required. Please do not use lotion or powder.

The day of the exam, DO NOT USE deodorant, powders, perfume, and ointment in the underarm or breast region. Wear a blouse with a skirt or slacks. Please try to obtain the films from your last Mammogram and bring them with you.

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